Mixing creativity, knowledge, experience, and innovation.

With decades of experience, Sonya Julie and Michael Dwyer offer a great depth of insight, wisdom, and know-how. Ann Charles Media is a no nonsense media company that ditches the fluff and focuses on realistic results. No false promises, no “customer getting machines”, and no puffed up numbers; what we do is real.

Not every client is right for us and we are not right for every client. That’s why we offer boutique media creation. We are committed to focusing on providing the best services to select clients. We believe in transparency and integrity. We pair a solid background in communications with modern ideas and innovative vision to create a balanced message that is just right for you.

Meet the Team.

Sonya and Michael have been working together as a team for well over a decade and have collaborated on numerous projects. Their talents and skills balance and compliment each other well and they love learning, growing, and using their experiences to help others grow their business, projects, and organizations.

Michael is a broadcast journalist turned travel writer, and is the owner of Rochester Writers. Two annual conferences, writing workshops, master classes, and writing contests are all a part of what the organization has offered the community since 2008. Michael is also an editor for a local news publication, freelance writer, and a talented communicator. Michael has a Bachelor of Business Communications and several associate degrees. He enjoys photography, cider mills, travel, skiing, and podcasting.

Sonya Julie is a passionate believer in creative growth and loves helping people to reach their goals. She has a Bachelor of Business, two associate degrees, and years of professional development. Sonya especially enjoys web design, graphic art, and photography. She also enjoys working with entrepreneurs to provide guidance in regard to goal setting, marketing, and business development.

She has been actively writing for decades and has published columns in company newsletters and created freelance content. Sonya facilitates workshops and is the executive administrator for Rochester Writers. She loves interacting with the Michigan writing community and works one-on-one with authors to help them navigate the self-publishing process.

Sonya enjoys hiking, running, alpine and Nordic skiing, yoga, fitness, reading, writing, nutrition, paleo and keto cooking, traveling, art, horseback riding, creating jewelry with metal smithing, graphic art, logic systems, communications, community events, and embracing the adventure of a life well lived.